Character Images

This is a snapshot of the killer in our film trailer, it was taken from Scene Four and represents the characters image well. This is because little is known about him and the audience never learn his name, whereabouts or even what he looks like. This is hidden well through the dark clothing that he wears as well as his mysterious presence on screen. The only time the killer is fully shown in the trailer is making his way to Isabel's house. 
This image is a snapshot of Michael, one of the main characters and victims of our storyline. It was taken from a deleted scene of Michael speaking on the phone to another one of the victims, he is being told that the the body that they found and left is alive and still out there. This represents Michael how we wanted, as he is the most anxious and paranoid of the characters that were involved. This is mostly because he has no alterior motive and is not a killer or murderer and more of a normal guy. This is addressed through the normal clothing that he is seen in and his day to day lifestyle and personality.
Above is a picture of Reece, the other male victim that stars in the film. It was extracted from Scene Four and shows Reece opening the car to his door ready to leave his house. This is before anybody is able to tell him that the body they left is in fact out there. Therefore, he is unaware of the risk he lies in and less caring of the predicament than Michael. This is symbolized later in the trailer, for it is Reece who is attacked by the killer and not Michael.