Text Feedback

Does your trailer work as a trailer? Does it make the audience want to see them?

- "I think 'Friction' does work well as a trailer, although there are some elements of a thriller film, its almost like a mix of some other genres."

Is the genre of the film clearly established by the trailer?

- "Yeah mostly, it was clear that it was some form of a horror, the trailer was dark and suspenseful."

What aspects/features/shots/messages are most effective?

- "The extreme close ups and zooms were very effective."

What narrative sense did audiences make of the trailer? What did they ‘understand’ about the film’s narrative from the trailer?

- "You can tell the trailer is a horror, and it has themes of paranoia, anxiety and suspense which makes the narrative seem psychological and perhaps partly thriller".

Was the trailer too long/too short?

- "I think the trailer was just the right amount of time as the music worked well in the background and I think that if the music had just stopped it wouldn’t of had the same effect."

Did the trailer sustain the interest of audiences?

- "Yes, the music and fast editing helped sustain interest and keep the mood of the trailer exciting."
Did the music work? Did it sit well alongside the text and images? Did it help establish genre etc?

- "Yeah the music worked well, I think that the music went really well alongside the images and shots, it helped to create a sense of the film and how the character was feeling."