Final Poster

This is our final poster for our horror film 'Friction'. We used the conventions we researched from our poster analysis. For example, the correlation many horror posters share is the black-edged format and dark imagery. In our poster, we wanted to make clear use of this black out technique and keep the majority of the design dark and mysterious.

We achieved this by using bright white text on a black background to build a contrast and make either layer stand out. The tagline and other less important information we didn't want to confuse with the title so we made that font grey and that way it could blend in more.

The most important feature of the poster is the film title 'Friction' and next is the release date so audiences know when to anticipate the film. Also, we used a film rating certificate and added that to the poster, as our film would be shown to restricted audiences and felt that it was an appropriate feature to include on the film poster.

If we could improve our poster any further it would be by adding a second image into the poster to give it variety and perhaps show our audiences another location in the film. The image itself is good in a photographic sense but alongside another one of a character or even the killer it would work better.

A second change would be to centre the Restricted logo at the bottom to give the poster an overall theme of symmetry as well as making the train lines in the image emphasised. Also, the release date could be more aesthetically pleasing by adding a border around it and lightening the colour of the film credits on the poster.