Trailer Narrative

Our narrative within the trailer consists of five different scenes in all different locations. Thus, for this reason the order of the trailer is non-linear and doesn't follow a chronological time pattern, instead many of the scenes overlap and one scene in particular is split so that half of it is shown early on and the other half makes up the final shots of the trailer.

The first scene consists of only Reece and Michael carrying what looks to be a black bodybag nervously into the woods. They are aiming not to be seen and neither can their faces as they eventually lower the body and leave it in the abandoned area.

The second sees Michael receiving an anonymous envelope in his university dorm, confused, he opens it looking inside to find a picture reading 'You Can't Hide The Truth'. Realising that he was seen dumping the body and that possibly the man is still alive he drops the picture in shock.

The third scene only features The Killer and captures him entering the house of Isabel through the back door gate. He is seen walking closer and closer to the door of her house carrying a bladed axe and wearing dark thick clothing, to further hide his identity.

The fourth scene is set within Reece's car and the audience is shown him inside the car preparing to start the engine and drive off. Instead, before he is warned by Michael, the killer appears behind him in the backseat and is attacked, presumably leaving him dead.

The final scene is focused around Isabel and pictures her inside her home. To begin with, she is on the computer checking over her e-mails, when she sees one that reads 'You Can't Hide The Truth'. Similar to Michael, she leaves from the computer and walks to the fridge to get a drink and forget about the ordeal. Later, Isabel is shown upstairs in her bedroom, accidentally she drops the drink, having to bend down on the floor underneath her bed to get it, when suddenly the killer appears from behind her pulling her across the floor and assumably killer her.