Magazine Cover Draft

This is our first draft for our final magazine cover. We have chosen to include the image of the killer on the cover, as our research into magazine covers depict that the main character is normally on the front.
We wanted to make our magazine cover unique by including the tagline from our film and a review from a leading news article (The Independent).

However, we then made changes based on the feedback we had recieved from our Pearl & Dean aimed target audience, for example, we removed The Independent logo and star rating as we felt that it would suit the film poster more.

More changes were made to the title 'CURSED'. We felt the text we had originally used did would not capture someone who would pick this magazine up. So we changed the font, colours and added a sub heading text to show the importance of the magazine.

Another we thing we wanted to add was the price and date of the actual magazine, although they were not really important they made it realistic. Also, in our research of magazines they all included this information. Instead of the scroll that is in the middle of the page, we wanted something that was darker and would blend in to the background of the cover. 

We decided that having text would be more effective and would allow us to write more to draw in more audiences and include more advertisements. For example, we were able to write the actors names and locations of the feature film, often magazines like Empire and Total Film use these techniques to give people more than one reason to buy it.

Overall, we thought the draft was a little too colourful, but did have an effective character image and background. We kept this as it blended well with the themes of our trailer and just edited the other pieces to continue this theme.